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Rodney S

"I needed to sell my parents house after they moved out. I live in Georgia and did not have time to fly up to the property. North Jersey House Buyer was able to close on my property when we agreed they would with no surprises. I did not even need to fly up to NJ to sign to close, we were able to do everything by mail. This made the process very easy. I would definitely sell Aaron and Seth another property." 



Samantha K 

"When I received Aaron and Seth's letter in the mail I was a bit skeptical at first. Once I met with Seth and he walked through my property, I was impressed with his knowledge. I was able to receive the amount I wanted for my property and did not have to deal with any Realtor showings or pay a commission. Best of all the property was sold 100% as-is!"

Alex F

"I owed more money to the bank than my house was worth so North Jersey House Buyer helped me complete a short sale. They connected me with a short sale team to negotiate with my bank, presented a cash offer on my house so I was able to walk away from the property free and clear. The best part is they negotiated my closing costs and move out costs into the transaction so the bank paid all my costs, including moving costs! These guys are the real deal"

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